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Keypoint Connect brings online voting capabilities to PowerPoint presentations. Remote participants can experience all of the features and functionality available with our hardware-based keypad systems.  In fact, it is the exact same PowerPoint software with the added ability for participants to respond using a web browser instead of a proprietary keypad device.

  • Works alongside ANY online meeting platform.
  • Build and format your question content right in PowerPoint using the tools you’re already familiar with.
  • Results are displayed using PowerPoints charts, so changing styles, colors and formatting is easy.
  • No internet connection required to build and edit presentations.
  • Participants can vote using any modern web browser.
  • Supports computers, tablets, phones and many other devices that can browse to a webpage.
  • Participant rosters, voting data and results are stored in your PowerPoint document.
  • Mix hardware keypads with virtual keypads to support events with in-person and remote attendees.
  • Create reports in Word and Excel from right within PowerPoint.
  • Hosted custom branded solutions available.
  • Developer API options allow integration with your own online platform.
Keypoint Connect Features
Standard Edition
Premium Edition
Professional Edition
Number of Remote Participants
Number of Concurrent Sessions
Seamlessly Combine RF and Virtual Keypads
Password Protect Virtual Keypads
Track Results by Individual
Multiple Choice Questions & Graphs
Individual & Team Competitions
Ranking & Prioritization
Demographics & Participant Grouping
On-The-Fly & Pre-programmed Data Slicing
Participant Weighting for Shareholder & Delegate Voting
On-The-Fly Questions
Multi-axis Bubble, Scatter and Radar Charts
Multi-Response Questions
Create and Merge "Snapshots" of Meeting Data
Data Exports & Reports in Word and Excel
Private Branding & Custom URL
Text-Response Questions
Q & A Slides
Text Objects for Customized Data Layouts
Advanced Charts Including Formulas & Text Matching
Advanced Data-Slicing Capabilities
Import, Export and Combine Data from Multiple Presentation Files
Need a customized solution with options for more than 500 participants? Ask about Enterprise Edition.

Ultimate Flexibility

Keypoint Connect was designed to work with any web-meeting or screen-sharing software. You can schedule, manage and host your webinar meetings the way you’re used to. Professional Edition users also have the option to schedule and manage their Zoom meetings from within PowerPoint. Keypoint’s flexibility allows for everything from simple, anonymous voting with online participants to a hybrid event with voting and non-voting participants mixed between in-person and remote attendees. Some example scenarios include:

Webinar with Online Voting

Online Voting with Zoom Support

Hybrid Meeting with Remote and In-Person Attendees

Participants connect to the presenter’s webinar where they are instructed to also connect to a virtual keypad for voting.

Participants view the Zoom meeting through Keypoint Connect and are prompted to respond to questions as they are presented.

In-person attendees respond to question slides using their keypads or devices while remote participants view the Zoom meeting through Keypoint Connect and are prompted to respond to questions as they are presented.

Completely Integrated with PowerPoint

Slides created with Keypoint Interactive use slide masters and templates like any other slide. In fact, design and formatting is accomplished using the very same formatting tools that are already built into PowerPoint. If you can build a PowerPoint presentation then you already know how to make it interactive with Keypoint.

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