Online Meeting Update: The social distancing practices necessary to combat the current global pandemic have temporarily slowed in-person meetings and events. Fortunately, Keypoint Interactive offers a virtual keypad solution so that you can continue interacting with your participants online as we all work toward a time when we can gather together again.

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Audience Response Solutions

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Comprehensive Audience Response Solutions

Keypoint Interactive is a complete audience polling solution that offers simple and intuitive software, virtual keypads for remote participants and wireless keypads for in-person attendees.

(commonly referred to as “clickers”)

The software plugs right into Microsoft® PowerPoint® to provide seamless integration with your presentation visuals, even if your meeting is online.
Participants can respond to questions remotely using our web-based virtual keypads with any modern web browser on their phones, computers or tablets. No special apps are required.
Our 5-button and 12-button RF keypads use patented wireless technology to ensure reliable and secure communications with the included USB transceiver.

Keypoint Products

Audience Response Systems.

Why Use Keypoint Interactive

PowerPoint Engagement Tools.



to measure learning, gather opinions and increase audience participation.

break down


by using keypads anonymously and asking tough questions on controversial topics.

Make Learning Fun

by introducing a team competition based on your training materials.

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Completely Integrated with PowerPoint. Slides created with Keypoint Interactive use slide masters and templates like any other slide.

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