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We Are Closing Our Doors

Innovision Incorporated was founded on the core principles of offering world-class products at fair pricing and unparalleled customer service. Over the years, we’ve been very fortunate to have worked with an amazing group of customers and suppliers. Unfortunately, the live meetings and training industry appears to have been forever altered in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, it is with a heavy heart that we’re announcing that Innovision will be winding down and closing its doors.

We recognize that planning and transitioning to a new solution may take some time. Despite our closure, we still intend to assist our customers wherever possible. Keypoint Connect subscriptions will remain viable at least through their next renewal date and we’re available to discuss specific timelines with customers needing time to facilitate transitioning to alternative technologies. Keypoint Interactive customers will continue to have online access to software downloads through the end of their current support contract. Technical support for all products will be limited to email and scheduled calls with support staff.


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